As an Art Director at the Accenture Microsoft Account, I acted as a dedicated on-site designer and brand steward, applying global brand guidelines to my work in presentation support, digital design, environment design and event promotion.


Over the summer, I worked with the Inclusion and Diversity Lead to bring to life her vision of a gallery-style photo display showing members of Accenture Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). The project first required coordinating with the Accenture Brand Team to ensure the installation fit with the plan to remodel the office where it would be installed.

After securing dimensions for the space, I worked on the layout for the wall. While I didn’t have access to space where the images would be installed, I was able to sketch out life-size dimensions of the whole space and each photo on a white board near my workspace and use that as a reference for the size of the actual wall. I tried out different dimension sizes for each photo within that space, and when I landed on what worked, incorporated those dimensions into my digital file.


To complete the project, I worked with the photographer to ensure every photo captured was cropped to the appropriate dimensions and made adjustments as necessary.


Additional Projects

Invitation design

Executive bios

Below is a bio created to easily convey the background and philosophy of Amy Hood, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President. The text has been replaced in favor of dummy copy for confidentiality.



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