Smart Home



I lead the process of designing identity materials for Wave's launch of "Smart Home" - a home security product.

The overarching goal of the project was to create a look/feel for a credible and accessible home security product. Smart Home was Wave's first foray into the home security arena, so it was important to create a distinct identity system while conveying a sense of accessibility and credibility to the consumer.  



sign design

My team and I tried 15-20 different shapes for the Smart Home sign, hoping to find the right balance of credibility and accessibility. It was requested that we stay away from using any shapes that might feel too intimidating, like a shield, but I threw one into our pitch presentation just in case. The shield ended up being the winning design.


Identity and prinT

The first part of the process involved establishing an identity system to represent each package tier. After that, we took those elements and folded them into an 8.5x11 sales sheet - the primary piece of collateral for the product.

I completed the final design for the security yard sign, a system of icons to differentiate each package tier, an 8.5x11 sales sheet design and a webpage design promoting the product. 

17_08_SMART HOME_Sell Sheet 1.png
17_08_SMART HOME_Sell Sheet2.png


digital executions

After establishing the direction of the look/feel for the Smart Home brand in print, we translated these components into the digital space. I designed the product web page and the email announcing the availability of Smart Home to our customer base. 

Our process for building the Smart Home web page involved several discussions with marketing executives and the product team to establish flow and function, followed by review meetings to evaluate progress. 

To create the page, I started by sketching out LoFi wireframes and then worked in WordPress to try out each idea I came up with. I took feedback from an initial round of review with the Creative Director and Marketing Director, before presenting the final page to key stakeholders. See the full page live, here. The scroll experience is also captured in the video below.