Wave is a West Coast Internet Service provider offering cable, internet and phone services up and down the West Coast. To demo internet speeds and showcase their service offerings, Wave asked me to design a retail kiosk interface for deployment in select West Coast retail stores.  I designed the kiosk to fit with the broader Wave look/feel and effectively serve as a promotional tool, without having so much detail that it would risk feeling overwhelming to the customer.

I worked cross-functionally with the Wave IT Team to create seamless interaction design and make updates to the site. While I did not code the design myself, I became very familiar with it and was able to make updates to the HTML/CSS when necessary. The kiosk enhanced customers understanding of Wave offerings by giving them the chance to experience the benefit of faster internet through interaction.


Landing pages

I worked in Wave’s instance of Wordpress to create responsive landing pages for dedicated B-to-C and B-to-B offerings. I designed directly in Wordpress, trialing different layout options and imagery throughout the process. Final designs were reviewed by the creative leadership team and subsequently, Director/VP level individuals. 

Enterprise-level work

Below is a web page for Wave Business which I created to advertise high-speed Fiber Internet to commercial business towers. Starting with a very low-fidelity client sketch as a jumping off point, I built a mockup in Photoshop, gathered feedback, and then put the finishing touches on the fully-responsive final design.